Late to Work.

We’ve all been there. You start your day, you’re going to make it to work or class on time but something so unexpected happens which causes you to be late. With no control over the situation, all you’re left with is the burning question, “why me?”

I had just started my new job at a frozen yogurt store and today was the day I would open for the first time all by myself. I was told to be at the store by 11 a.m. and the store was to be opened by noon. We cut to the morning of…

So there I was emerging from the shower, steam rising to fill the room, making for a dramatic exit. Justin Timberlake was playing in the background, my hair smelled like flowers, and I was right on track to arrive at work on time.

When suddenly, I reach for the door and something catches my eye. No. Way. This couldn’t be happening right now. All I could think is “WHY ME?”

A cockroach had infiltrated my domain and had commenced its attack while I was most vulnerable. I was trapped with no place to go, he had me blocked in, he was perched on my bathroom door, I was cornered. This was the end for me.

I looked down at Bella (Maltipoo age 7) my trusted sidekick and loyal friend. That’s when I realized I had to fight, if not for me, but for her. I searched around for a suitable weapon, but alas, my high-heels were not made for this task. I spotted Clorox bleach spray, I moved slowly so he wouldn’t suspect anything. I grabbed Bella and we both hid inside the shower.

I cracked the door waiting for the opportune moment. I would only have one shot at this. My heart was pounding as my finger rested on the trigger. I saw an open shot and went for it. BAM! He was hit, he went down faster than my espresso during exam week.

I leaped out of the shower, I had to hit him with everything I had so he could not regain power. Eventually, when the bottle was empty, I grabbed toilet paper and gave him a three flush salute for a valiant battle.

I learned two things that day: one, I will not be using my bathroom for a least two months, and two, I was definitely going to be late for my first day.


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